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Preserve America is a national initiative in cooperation with the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation; the U.S. Departments of Defense, Interior, Agriculture, Commerce, Housing and Urban Development, Transportation, and Education; the National Endowment for the Humanities; the President's Committee on the Arts and Humanities; and the President's Council on Environmental Quality.

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Eureka Springs Backstory: Bringing the Past to Street-Level
City of Eureka Springs, Arkansas
Funded at $62,760
The grant will be used to promote the historical and heritage tourism pursuits of Eureka Springs through the implementation of signage, thematic tours, wayfinding, and public artwork. The primary objective of the project is to help visitors to Eureka Springs experience the historic buildings in the community.

Casa Malpais Interpretive Improvements
Springerville, AZ
Funded at $21,974
The grant will be used to develop a three-dimensional computer model of the Casa Malpais site, and other interpretive improvements, to provide visitors with a clearer understanding of the nature of life at this ancient American site.

Toward a Seamless Monterey Experience
City of Monterey, CA
Funded at $100,000
The grant will be used to develop a coordinated, interactive wayfinding and signage program to promote historic and cultural resources, document and interpret public and private heritage assets, and enhance the visitor experience in the City of Monterey, California.

Soapstone Prairie Natural Area Project
Fort Collins Museum, City of Fort Collins, CO
Funded at $147,563
Funding will be used to collect oral histories from various sources surrounding the Fort Collins and Soapstone Prairie Natural Area community, and plan an exhibit to educate and inform the public on the history of the area.

Steamboat Springs Cultural Heritage Interpretive and Education Project
City of Steamboat Springs, CO
Funded at $35,000
Funding will support the robust development of a Cultural Heritage Tourism program in Steamboat Springs by developing an interpretive plan, infrastructure, programs, and materials. Project includes the development of a multi-media museum exhibit focused on the history and cultural development of the city, creation of 12 interpretive signs, development of two walking tour brochures, and educational programs including living history days, guided walking tours, and lectures.

Southeast Colorado Heritage Tourism Program
Colorado Historical Society, State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO)
Funded at $130,000
The grant will create a regional marketing program for heritage tourism in a six-county rural region of Southeast Colorado. This public-private partnership will result in increased visitation and revenues to both historic sites and to local tourism supported businesses.

Historic Wethersfield Master Plan
Town of Wethersfield, CT
Funded at $50,000
The grant will be used to conduct a marketing study to analyze existing resources and develop strategies to increase usage of the town’s historical and cultural resources.

Wayfinding Plan
City of Augusta-Richmond County, GA
Funded at $50,000
The grant will be used to develop a plan for a citywide, coordinated wayfinding signage program with an emphasis on historic and cultural resources. The primary objectives are to assess the navigational needs of visitors; to conduct research in other cities and towns with effective signage programs; to determine the location, placement, number, and design of the signs; and to design the content. The result will be a plan for a comprehensive wayfaring system to direct a diverse group of both motor tourists and pedestrians to local places of interest.

Roswell Historic District Heritage Tourism Plan
City of Roswell, GA
Funded at $100,000
Funding will be used to promote cultural resources through the development of an interpretive plan of the Roswell Historic District, and implement a signage system to reflect the character of the district.

Campaign to Preserve Georgia’s Historic Cemeteries
Georgia SHPO
Funded at $86,000
Grant funds will promote the recognition, preservation, documentation, and protection of Georgia’s historic cemeteries throughout the State. Funds will be used to conduct a statewide conference focusing on the preservation of the cemeteries and their use in heritage tourism; to produce a publication that gives an overview of preservation guidelines and interpretation of historic cemeteries; to promote the importance of historic cemeteries through public information; to create a cemetery subgrant program where Preserve America communities apply for activities, such as cemetery preservation planning, interpretive plans, National Register nominations, etc.

Hosting Heritage Tourism in Rock Island
City of Rock Island, Rock Island, IL
Funded at $43,342
Funds will be used to conduct the planning necessary to open and operate a satellite visitor center of the Quad Cities Convention & Visitors Bureau in a designated landmark building in Rock Island that is currently threatened with demolition.

Promotion of the 18 Kansas Historic Sites Across the State
Kansas SHPO
Funded at $100,000
The Kansas State Historic Preservation Office (KSHPO) will address signage and promotion of the 18 Kansas State historic sites. Result will be to raise the visibility of these sites. A recent marketing study indicated a low awareness/visibility of the sites. The goal is to increase visitation. Project will also develop a KSHPO logo and a marketing strategy for the sites.

Rural Heritage Development Initiative Survey
Kentucky SHPO
Funded at $60,000
Grant funds will be used to understand, protect, and market the region’s rich historic resources. The project will begin with an architectural/cultural resources survey in two of the Preserve America communities in the State with the least amount of survey and National Register listings. A comprehensive survey will be used in order to identify a basis for preservation planning measures, and to develop a regional heritage tourism program. Project consultants will also gather heritage tourism data for eight counties in the region.

The Portland Neighborhood: Linking Our Heritage to Our Future
Portland Neighborhood of Louisville, KY
Funded at $150,000
The grant will create a set of interpretive master plans to interpret the Portland Wharf Park and link it with key neighborhood historic sites along three heritage trails. The proposed project, because it incorporates citizen involvement throughout the planning process, will result in a local citizenry more prepared for the challenges of heritage development. The plan will result in a more cohesive interpretive strategy that ensures a strong, authentic visitor experience.

Hidden River Cave Trail, Horse Cave Main Street
Horse Cave, KY
Funded at $21,000
Funds will be used to complete a unique tourism pathway that will highlight the history of Hidden River Cave. The project will involve: purchase and installation of audio tour equipment and signage, research and creation of narratives in multiple languages, extension of pathway and construction of a pedestrian bridge.

Wayfinding, Interpretation and Identity: Natchitoches and the Cane River Region, City of Natchitoches, LA
Funded at $150,000
The city of Natchitoches will use the grant to implement the Cane River National Heritage Area Identity, Interpretive, and Wayfinding Program within the Natchitoches National Historic Landmark District. Funds will be used to enhance a heritage walking trail with landscape elements, wayfinding signage, interpretive plaques, map kiosks, electronic visitor information kiosks, and a guidebook. The long-term objective is to promote regional heritage assets and create a profile of a nationally significant heritage destination.

Louisiana Rebirth: Restoring the Soul of America
Louisiana SHPO
Funded at $150,000
Funds will be used to develop positive economic energy statewide through heritage tourism, in response to the effects of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Launch an annual statewide Main Street extravaganza in which all 25 Main Street communities would celebrate their unique qualities during the same weekend. Create a new interactive Web site that would promote and rebuild tourism in New Orleans.

Maximizing the Gloucester Maritime Heritage Visitor Experience
City of Gloucester, Gloucester, MA
Funded at $140,000
The grant will attract and enable more visitors for the Maritime Trail by: production of a web-based marketing program, installation of directional markers, and installation of new exhibits.

Heritage Tourism Road Map for SHPOs and a Michigan Model
Michigan SHPO
Funded at $80,000
The grant will enable a partnership between 13 communities, the Michigan SHPO, and the National Conference of SHPOs to develop a best practice model for SHPOs to use to establish a heritage tourism program in their State and document the creation of a prototype in Michigan for inclusion in the best practice model.

St. Cloud Heritage Preservation Community Education and Marketing Plan
St. Cloud, MN
Funded at $19,489
Funds will be used to develop a Community Education and Marketing Plan to educate the public about the different aspects and effects of historic preservation in their community.

Rebuilding Mississippi’s Heritage Tourism Industry Post Hurricane Katrina
Mississippi SHPO
Funded at $150,000
Funding will be used to assess the damage to culturally significant properties, to examine means and resources, as well as the development of plans for preserving the region’s remaining cultural resources. In addition, the project will seek to identify previously under-recognized historic resources, and to promote the region’s historic and cultural assets through a comprehensive heritage tourism plan.

City of Biloxi Heritage Tourism Marketing Program
City of Biloxi, MS
Funded at $50,000
The project will revise Biloxi’s heritage tourism marketing program in response to the significant damage caused by Hurricane Katrina.

Montana Rural Heritage Experience
Montana SHPO
Funded at $150,000
The project will collaborate with Preserve America communities to support regional projects including: improving signage and events, promoting education and interpretation, support of a tourism trail, assist in documentation of rural barns, and develop business and marketing plans.

New Hampshire
Development of New Interpretive Tours for Five Major Historic Sites in New Hampshire
New Hampshire SHPO
Funded at $28,161
The project will build heritage tourism in New Hampshire by developing improved interpretive plans at its five State historic site museums. Reassess interpretive themes and develop new guided tours based on solid scholarship and incorporating carefully chosen objects at each of the sites.

New Mexico
Joint Colorado-New Mexico Heritage Tourism Workshop
Colorado & New Mexico SHPOs
Funded at $24,000
The funds will support a three-day conference to develop a way to incorporate heritage resources that are located in Colorado and New Mexico’s public lands, but managed by Federal agencies, into the State’s heritage tourism industries.

New York
Rail Ride into Yesteryear – Looking at the Old in a New Way
Roxbury, NY
Funded at $40,575
The project will develop and implement an “immersive” heritage tourism program in the hamlet of Roxbury that will run for three Saturdays in the summer of 2006.

Rochester’s Olmsted Parks Interpretive Signage Project
City of Rochester, NY
Funded at $70,000
Grant funds will be used to design and fabricate identification and interpretive signs for the Olmsted Park System in Rochester. The objective is to educate local residents and visitors about the extent, historical significance, and evolution of the city’s park system, which is one of only four complete systems in the United States designed by Olmsted.

Heritage Connectivity and Implementation Strategy
Dayton, OH
Funded at $70,000
Funds will be used to complete an economic analysis of Dayton’s cultural/historical tourism industry and to develop and begin implementing a marketing strategy.

Pennsylvania Rural History Project
Pennsylvania SHPO
Funded at $75,000
Funds will be used to develop a baseline assessment tool to support and promote heritage tourism. The Pennsylvania SHPO and its partners propose to undertake a comprehensive survey and cultural landscape study for threatened agricultural resources in two nationally significant areas of the State. The survey will have objectives of promoting a better understanding of endangered agricultural resources, provide baseline information to support future tourism in the region, build community partnerships to raise awareness of the resources, and encourage more communities to apply for Preserve America designation.

Rhode Island
Blackstone Valley “Footsteps in History”
Rhode Island SHPO
Funded at $120,000
The project will develop a sustainable heritage tourism program in the 24 Preserve America communities embraced in the John H. Chafee Blackstone River National Heritage Corridor to promote and enhance the visitor and resident experience.

South Dakota
A Comprehensive Heritage Tourism Plan for Brookings
Brookings, SD
Funded at $54,000
Funds will be used to undertake a three-step planning process to identify self-sustaining ways to promote the historic and cultural resources. Project involves public education, an assessment of the current tourism resources and the development of a comprehensive plan.

Heritage Tourism and Wayfaring Project for Historic Franklin, Tennessee
City of Franklin, TN
Funded at $20,000
The project will develop a signage package for local historic sites and other attractions in order to enhance visitor experience. The plan would include approximately 20 sites and services, such as historic districts, house museums, public buildings, and parking. Primary objective is to design a comprehensive wayfinding package for Franklin to connect historic sites, historic districts, attractions, and services.

Jonesborough: An American Front Porch
Town of Jonesborough, TN
Funded at $97,000
Funds will be used to develop and implement an interpretive plan for the promotion of the various historic resources and cultural assets located in the Town of Jonesborough, TN.

Cultural and Heritage Tourism Initiative
City of Abilene, TX
Funded at $111,832
The project will implement the heritage tourism plan that was created for the city. Activities will include: aggressive advertising, billboards, traveling media, heritage brochure, Web page, cross-marketing program, and full-color hardback book showcasing the historical sites of Abilene.

Heritage Tourism Plan for City of Castroville’s Biry House Complex
Castroville, TX
Funded at $29,400
The grant will be used to develop a heritage tourism plan for the Biry House and Barn Complex. The complex will ultimately be rehabilitated to serve as a living-history house museum of mid-nineteenth century pioneer life.

Farm-to-Market Museum & Heritage Center
City of Pharr, TX
Funded at $145,000
Funds will be used to develop a plan for the creation of the Farm-to-Market Museum and Heritage Center to benefit and support the revitalization of downtown Pharr, TX. The project includes the completion of several key studies including research analysis, marketing, and economic development for the conception of the museum and heritage center.

Texas Heritage Trails Program
Texas SHPO
Funded at $147,000
Funds will be used to develop a new training and assistance component of the Texas Heritage Trails Program through a guidebook and workshop series. The result will be in-depth training for community representative on the successful development of heritage tourism.

Heritage Highway 89 Interpretive/Marketing Sites
Mt. Pleasant City, Mt. Pleasant, UT
Funded at $95,993
The grant will develop regional interpretative and marketing sites along Heritage Highway 89, extending from Fairview in the north to Kanab in the south. Objective is to improve visitor appreciation for the heritage corridor by providing a theme and message through brochures, kiosks, and signage in the six counties along the highway.

Historic Preservation Plan of the Wendover Airfield and Documented History
Tooele County, UT
Funded at $75,393
Funds will be used to create a documentary film about WWII home-front training at Wendover Airfield. Additionally, a master plan to restore the airfield will be initiated.

Initial Interpretive Activity for Prince William County Historic Sites
Prince William County, VA
Funded at $57,566
The grant will be used to develop an educational brochure, wayside signs for trails and sites, a Passport to Prince William program, and educational “traveling trunks” for outreach programs at schools, with the goal of generating awareness and excitement among local citizens and visitors. Promotion of the sites will drive economic development, and they will become regional focal points in one of the top ten regions of the United States for heritage tourism.

Barre City Downtown Marketing Program
Barre, VT
Funded at $22,410
The grant will be used to develop marketing materials to promote Barre’s historic downtown, arts, and cultural attractions.

Estey Organ Factory Heritage Tourism Master Plan
Town of Brattleboro, VT
Funded at $32,500
The grant will create a master plan for the rehabilitation and adaptive reuse as a heritage tourism destination, the south-east portion of the former Estey Organ factory complex, and a history museum focused primarily on the national industrial heritage of the Estey Organ Company as its central attraction.

Destination Historic Poultney
Town of Poultney, VT
Funded at $25,000
Funds will be used to develop a brochure to be available through State and regional tourism offices, lodging, and retail establishment in the area that will focus on the town’s historic resources. Develop Web-based resources focusing on Poultney’s history, museums, historic buildings, and sites. Produce a walking tour CD of Poultney’s downtown historic district and the East Poultney historic district. Develop a history exhibit for the new Visitors Center.

Experience Historic Spokane Marketing Campaign
City-County of Spokane Historic Preservation Office, Spokane, WA
Funded at $20,400
The grant will be used to develop a focused heritage tourism marketing campaign to promote Spokane’s downtown historic resources and historic districts. Objective is to create a better understanding of Spokane’s historic architecture to educate tourists and residents.

Vancouver National Historic Reserve Education Master Plan K-12 Curriculum
Vancouver, WA
Funded at $40,149
Funds will be used to examine the existing Historic Reserve’s K-12 educational programs for compatibility with existing State education and curriculum guidelines and with the Historic Reserve’s Long-Range Interpretive Plan and the Education Master Plan.


Posted March 9, 2006

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